The 411

Weekly Video Announcements

Life Groups

Various Times & Locations


Fridays at, 7:30pm

Christmas Concert

Dec 14th, 8pm & Dec 15th, 2pm

Mountain Movers

Dec 14th, 8pm

Equipped for Life

Sundays at 1pm

Dinner Out

Dec 16th, 1pm

Men's Prayer

Tuesdays at, 7am

Family Night

Dec 19th, 7pm

Support Groups

Thursdays at 7pm

Christmas Eve

Dec 24th, 6pm

New Year's Eve

Dec 31st, 6pm

Volunteers Needed!
Decoration Clean-up

Jan 5th, 9am to 5pm

Week of Prayer

Jan 6th - 11th, 6:30pm

HBMM Meeting

Jan 13th, 1pm

Lunch Fellowship

Jan 14th, 11:30am

Elijah House II

Jan 15th, at 7pm

Men's Armor Bearers

Feb 2nd, 8:30am | Breakfast