Water Baptism

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Water Baptism

In the Bible, we see that water baptism is the next step following faith in Jesus. In the New Testament, it was the normal experience of those who trust in Jesus Christ to be baptized in water, often immediately upon their confession of faith. An example of this is found in Acts 8:35-39. Baptism is a public act of obedience, a visual and meaningful demonstration of joining with Christ, being raised to the new, redeemed life He has freely offered.

Baptism Basics and Beliefs

CTI’s beliefs about baptism are based on what Scripture tells us:

• The act of water baptism declares openly your decision to follow Jesus, it is an external demonstration of an inner transformation. (Acts 2:38 & 41; Galatians 3:26-27)

• When you are water baptized, you are identifying yourself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:1-4)

• You are also being counted among the Body of Christ, the community of saints, those who trust in Jesus for eternal salvation. (1 Corinthians 12:13)

• Water baptism does NOT make you right with God or save your soul; this is provided through faith in Christ alone. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

• The Biblical model and original language in Scripture indicate that baptism is not a sprinkling of water, but immersion into the water.

• Water baptism is not for those who cannot testify as to their own faith in God, like infants or young children, for example. Parents, with the help of their pastors, can decide whether or not their child understands and has a personal relationship with Christ before being water baptized.

Baptism FAQ

Who should I invite?

Prayerfully invite those you know! Many people who will never attend church WILL come to see YOU get baptized or watch online – so don’t miss the opportunity.  

Where do I go on my baptism day?
  • Arrive promptly at 9:00 AM to the Backstage area, formerly known as the Music/Choir room (behind the Sanctuary).  
  • You will be guided from the Backstage area to the baptism tank at the appropriate time by our team members. 
What do I need to bring and wear to be baptized?
  • Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and any toiletries that you need.  You will be able to leave them in a bag in the same room, and there are also restrooms there to change following your baptism.  
  • It is recommended that ladies wear dark pants along with the t-shirt provided and men wear dark shorts or bathing suit along with the t-shirt provided.  
  • Men and women with long hair should secure their hair back for baptism.  
  • Please do not wear jewelry, and only soft water shoes are permitted inside the baptism tank.  
Will I know what to do in the tank?
  • The pastor will provide you with instructions in the tank. You will not be under the water for more than a few seconds. He or she will ask you to cross your arms, which makes the baptism easier. You can hold your nose from this position if you’d like to.  
    • Note: If a medical condition prohibits you from having your head submerged, please let us know so that we can provide alternative arrangements ahead of time.  
Is it just a party after or what?
  • Once your baptism is complete and you have changed, feel free to sit with your family and friends for the remainder of the service. Because we livestream our services, you will be able to rejoin the service only via the main entrance doors by the entrance/Welcome Center for main level seating, or you may use the Welcome Center stairs for balcony and gallery seating. 
  • And then celebrate with your family, friends, guests, loved ones – everyone! We’re celebrating and rejoicing with you as you walk out your faith!

Are you ready?

Fill out this brief interest form after you have read Baptism Basics and Beliefs, the Baptism FAQ, and are ready to take this next step to be water baptized!

Already Baptized? Take your Next Step!

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