Royal Family KIDS Camp is a one-week sleep-away camp for foster children involved with DCPP (Division of Child Protection and Permanency) Formerly known as DYFS, New Jersey’s Child Welfare agency. These children have endured abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Royal Family KIDS Camp provides a week of fun, unconditional love, a chance for these children to make happy memories and allows children to hear the name of Jesus spoken in reverence. Calvary Temple is excited to be celebrating its 15th year sponsoring Royal Family KIDS Camp.

There are nearly 9,000 children in the New Jersey Foster Care system. All of these children would be eligible for participation in Royal Family KIDS Camp. Since we started this ministry, we have seen nearly 350 children come to camp. Each summer we have had 30 children who have been blessed by this ministry. As you can see there is desperate need for a ministry like Royal Family KIDS Camp. But in order for us to continue to be effective, we need your help. We need your prayers, we need your time and we need your financial support.

If you are interested in knowing how you can help with our local Royal Family KIDS Camp, please call 973-694-2938 ext. 494.

For more info on Royal Family KIDS Camp, you can visit their website