Revs. Tom & Kim Keinath

On Monday May 7th, 2018, at approximately 12:37pm, at The Fountain of Life Center in Burlington, NJ, Kim & I were elected by the pastors, ministers and voting delegates of the New Jersey District of the Assemblies of God to assume the role of District Superintendent.

Our previous District Superintendent, Rev. Carl Coletti, announced his service of 20 years to our fellowship was coming to a close. This presented our fellowship with the daunting task of electing a new district leader equipped to serve in this vital role.

This was a morning of great emotion and tremendous outpouring of support by our fellow ministers in the NJ District to serve in this office, providing oversight to approximately 650 pastors and ministers, as well as 239 churches in the state of New Jersey.

Inasmuch as the superintendency is a full time position, please know that I will be working very closely with our outstanding CTI Advisory Board and pastoral leadership team through the transitional period.

Kim and I covet your prayers, as we begin this new season of ministry at the District Office in July.

In the love of Jesus, 
Revs. Tom & Kim Keinath