40+ Single Adults




Bible Study:
(2nd Friday of each month, 7pm)
– Next Bible Study Feb 8th, 7pm in the Eurasia Cafe.

Singles Activity Night:
(3rd Friday of each month, 7pm)
– January: Bowling at T-Bowl in Wayne, 7pm
– Feb 15th, 7pm Valentine’s Dinner: Taste of Tuscany, 315 Valley Road, Wayne.

Faithwalkers Hiking/Horseback Riding:
– No Hiking/Horseback Riding Feb 23rd

NJ Women’s Convention:
– Feb 23rd / 9:30m at CTI
Ladies, please attend NJ Women’s Convention at CTI. Please register by 2/9 online at

For more information and to sign up for an event, please contact Rev. Debby Worthington at or
call 973-694-2938, ext. 441.