Next Baby Dedication: Sunday, February 24th, 2019

We are so excited that you have made a decision to dedicate your child to the Lord at Calvary Temple.  We commend you for your commitment to raise your child in way of Christ.  We consider baby dedication to be a sacred and spiritual moment for a family, and therefore, desire to ensure that each participant understand the significance and meaning of this moment.

It is important for us to confirm the status of each couples relationship to each other, relationship with Christ, and role in raising the child.  Please answer the following questions fully and completely and submit.  All participants will be contacted by CristyAnn Nash to confirm receipt of application and to schedule a mandatory preliminary meeting with one of the Pastors prior to the date of the dedication ceremony.  At the discretion of the church leadership, some dedications may be performed privately based on the family situation.  It is also our conviction that no children will be dedicated by parents who are living together and are unmarried.

Furthermore, it is Calvary Temple’s policy that all participants be faithfully and regularly attending Calvary Temple for at least 3 months prior to applying for baby dedication. For more info e-mail: