Church Abolition Network Empowers:  Church and community to do abolition including prevention, detection, action, and survivor care. Together we connect survivors and their families with resources, support existing resources, and create resources where none exist. Together we CAN end this.

If you are being trafficked, see something suspicious, or have questions, call the National human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline below.  All tips are acted upon and can be left anonymously.

Call: 1.888.373.7888
Text: HELP to BeFree (233733)

NJ Hotline Poster Distribution: The NJ Human Trafficking Task Force provides ht hotline posters. You CAN help distribute posters in local businesses, community bulletin boards, schools, and more!  Be the catalyst to mobilize your community to prevent, detect, and report.  Posters are available in the Welcome Center of Calvary Temple International (1111 Preakness Ave, Wayne). 

TELL YOUR ABOLITION STORY!  Everyday Abolition is having a monumental impact. Share YOUR story and inspire us all! Post pics, videos, or written stories on CAN facebook Thank YOU!

SOAP (Save Our Adolescent from Prostitution): is an ongoing collaboration with the NJCAHT. Citizens are trained and mobilized to provide area hotels with hotel soap labeled with the national hotline number and current pictures of area missing children. These events are free, last only a few hours, and have something for everyone.

Abolition Advocates: Trains citizen leaders with the FBI HT101, resources them with abolition tools for their community, and connects them with the networks for local, statewide, national, and international mobilization so they can lead their communities or organizations in abolition.

Hotline Poster Distribution: We are a distribution center for state and national hotline posters for use by individuals and/or groups for placement throughout communities and businesses.

Ongoing Initiatives: Abolition Action emails serve to connect and resource our network with training tools and a variety of action points.  To sign up, email



Rev. Mandy Leverett


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